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Research Article

A Prospective Six-Month Study of Chronic Pain Sufferers: A Novel OTC Neuromodulation Therapy

Table 1

Available responses and coding for assessment queries.

Assessment queriesResponse options

How often do you use ActiPatch?(i) Every day = 1
(ii) A few times a week = 0.5
(iii) only when needed = 0.3
Pain level (11-point VAS scale)(i) No pain = 0, ………….., worst pain = 10
(ii) Mild pain is defined as scores of 0-3, moderate as pain scores of 4–6, and severe as pain scores of 7–10
Changes in sleep and physical activity relative to prior use of ActiPatch(i) No change = 0
(ii) Increased a little = 1
(iii) Increased a fair amount = 2
(iv) Increased a lot = 3
Changes in medication use relative to prior use of ActiPatch(i) No change = 0
(ii) Decreased a little = 1
(iii) Decreased a fair amount = 2
(iv) Decreased a lot = 3
(v) Stopped using medications = 4
Patient global impressions of change with PSWT treatment(i) No change or got worse = 0
(ii) Almost the same, but hardly any change at all = 1
(iii) A little better,but no noticeable difference = 2
(iv) Somewhat better, but the change has not made any real difference-3
(v) Moderately better, a slight but noticeable change = 4
(vi) Better, a definite improvement that has made a real and worthwhile difference = 5
(vii) A great deal of better and considerable improvement that has made all the differences in the world = 6