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Volume 70 (1963), Issue 2, Pages 69-74

The Venom and Poison Glands of Pseudomyrmex Pallidus (F. Smith)

1Department of Entomology, Louisiana State University, USA
2Southern Grain Insects Laboratory, U.S.D.A., Tifton, Ga., USA

Received 10 August 1962

This article is in the public domain.


In the United States. the small subfamily Pseudomyrmicinae is represented by several species which are known to sting severely. Probably the most common species in the southeastern area is Pseudomyrmex pallidus (F. Smith). As part of a program of study on ant venoms in our laboratories, this paper presents a characterization of the venom of this species, a description of its poison apparatus and a study of the reaction of human beings to its sting. In addition, the possible nature of the venoms produced by the Formicidae is discussed.