In contrast to other subdivisions of its genus, which include many well known and abundant species, the strictly Neotropical Albomarginatus Group of Coccygomimus comprises insects for the most part elusive, which are found only occasionally even in those areas subject to regular collecting both by hand and by Malaise traps. For this reason, although the author recently published a monograph of the South American Coccygomimus (Porter, 197o), it was expected that new species of the Albomarginatus Group would appear as fieldwork became possible in previously unexplored regions. Indeed, shortly thereafter both sexes of an undescribed species were recovered from a Malaise trap situated in virgin subtropical wet forest near Aguas Blancas in northern Salta Province, practically on the Bolivian border. The present contribution describes this new species, demonstrating that it is related most ctosely to C. ramirezi from the yungas near La Paz, Bolivia.