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Volume 101, Issue 3-4, Pages 221-227

Associations Between Australian Pseudoscorpions and Ants

1Department of Zoology, University of Melbourne, Parkville 3052, Victoria, Australia
2Western Australian Museum, Francis Street, Perth 6000, Western Australia, Australia

Received 2 August 1994

Copyright © 1994 Deborah C. Cole et al.


The distribution of three species of pseudoscorpions, found under the bark of blue gum Eucalyptus globulus, is closely correlated with the presence of three species of ants. Marachernes bellus is never found on trees without Anonychomyrma sp. near foetens, and Protochelifer victorianus and Paraustrochernes victorianus are more commonly found on trees with Technomyrmex jocosus and/or Tapinoma minutum. The distribution of another pseudoscorpion, Conicochernes sp., is not influenced by the presence of these ants. Observations of the behavior of these pseudoscorpions indicate that at least some species may be specialist predators of ants.