Research Article

Effects of Long Distance Transportation on Honey Bee Physiology

Table 1

and values from analysis of variance (ANOVA) conducted for each trial and each parameter, with “ns” denoting nonsignificant ( ). JH titers were transformed (log (JH + 1)) before ANOVA. “Colony source” refers to the differences due to genetic background of source colonies, “transportation” refers to the difference between transported and stationary colonies, and interaction refers to the effect of two (genetics X transportation status). Workers in CA were 6-7 days old, in GA were 8 days old, and those in MI were either 7 or 17 days old.


JH titers in hemolymphCAColony source10, 1865.55<0.01
Transportation1, 1861.70ns
Interaction10, 1861.77ns
GAColony source11, 2145.98<0.01
Transportation1, 2140.01ns
Interaction11, 2141.24ns
MI 7-day-oldColony source5, 1062.480.04
Transportation1, 1060.02ns
Interaction5, 1065.31<0.01
MI 17-day-oldColony source5, 992.540.03
Transportation1, 996.080.02
Interaction5, 991.82ns

Volume of HPG aciniCAColony source8, 1626.65<0.01
Transportation1, 16262.65<0.01
Interaction8, 1621.84ns
GAColony source3, 720.52ns
Transportation1, 7243.39<0.01
Interaction3, 720.23ns
MI 7-day-oldColony source5, 1088.03<0.01
Transportation1, 10835.44<0.01
Interaction5, 1085.93<0.01
MI 17-day-oldColony source5, 1085.11<0.01
Transportation1, 10818.17<0.01
Interaction5, 1084.16<0.01

Protein content in headGAColony source7, 14417.06<0.01
Transportation1, 14412.96<0.01
Interaction7, 1441.89ns
MI 7-day-oldColony source4, 9012.27<0.01
Transportation1, 901.24ns
Interaction4, 900.63ns
MI 17-day-oldColony source4, 901.00ns
Transportation1, 906.55<0.01
Interaction4, 902.91<0.03

Protein content in thoraxGAColony source7, 14413.10<0.01
Transportation1, 1441.86ns
Interaction7, 1441.83ns

Lipid content in abdomenCAColony source3, 722.44ns
Transportation1, 720.02ns
Interaction3, 724.60<0.01
GAColony source3, 7210.54ns
Transportation1, 722.47ns
Interaction3, 725.09<0.01
MI 7-day-oldColony source5, 1084.84<0.01
Transportation1, 1082.09ns
Interaction5, 1081.54ns
MI 17-day-oldColony source5, 1081.42ns
Transportation1, 1082.53ns
Interaction5, 1081.27ns