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Volume 2012, Article ID 785424, 7 pages
Research Article

Evaluation of the Toxicity of Virola sebifera Crude Extracts, Fractions and Isolated Compounds on the Nest of Leaf-Cutting Ants

1Departamento de Química, Universidade Federal de São Carlos, CP 13565-905 São Carlos, SP, Brazil
2Centro de Estudos de Insetos Sociais, Universidade Estadual Paulista, Campus Rio Claro, CP 199, 13506-900 Rio Claro, SP, Brazil

Received 30 April 2011; Accepted 5 June 2011

Academic Editor: Jacques H. C. Delabie

Copyright © 2012 Keylla Utherdyany Bicalho et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


The phytochemical study of Virola sebifera leaves led to the isolation of three lignans: (+)-sesamin, (−)-hinokinin, and (−)-kusunokinin and three flavonoids: quercetin-3-O-α-L-rhamnoside, quercetin-3-O-β-D-glucoside, and quercetin-3-methoxy-7-O-β-D-glucoside by using techniques as high-speed counter-current chromatography and high-performance liquid chromatography. The crude extracts, fractions, and isolated compounds were evaluated for their insecticidal and fungicidal potential against Atta sexdens rubropilosa and its symbiotic fungus Leucoagaricus gongylophorus. The bioassay results showed a high insecticidal activity for the methanol crude extract of the leaves of V. sebifera and its n-hexane, dichloromethane and ethyl acetate fractions. The fungicidal bioassay revealed high toxicity of the lignans against L. gongylophorus.