Table 1: Duration of different behavioural phases of adoption of Sternocoelis beetles (mean ± SE). LC: latency of the first contact with ants in the external area; TCE: time contacts in the external area; TR: time of transport of the beetle into the nest; CIN: time of contact with ants in the nest; TTA: total time of the adoption. A. iber: A. iberica.


Col 1 (control)
Col 273.342.5154.93344.716.373.417.32491.1479.1
Col 320.6823.714.673.719.63.570.822.6
A. iber6212.

ANOVA, Wilk = 0.006, , df = 15, ; in bold significant differences for each column with post hoc Neumann-Keuls ( , all other with ).