Psyche: A Journal of Entomology / 2012 / Article / Tab 6

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Competition for Aphid Prey between Different Lady Beetle Species in a Laboratory Arena

Table 6

Additional significant correlations between aphid consumption, prey discovery time, aggression delivered, and aggression received by lady beetles in trials ( ). Nonnative species are printed in bold font.

Correlation between:And:

Aphid consumptionAphid consumptionrP
C. septempunctataC. trifasciata−0.90490.0002
C. trifasciataH. convergens−0.73560.0127
C. maculataH. axyridis−0.70980.0112
C. septempunctataH. convergens−0.81950.0053
H. axyridisH. convergens−0.91330.0003
H. axyridisP. quatuordecimpunctata−0.84970.0020

Prey discovery timePrey discovery timerP
C. septempunctataC. trifasciata−0.76530.0085
C. septempunctataH. convergens−0.81380.0030
H. convergensP. quatuordecimpunctata−0.70010.0143

Aphid consumptionPrey discovery timerP
C. trifasciataC. septempunctata0.83500.0017
C. septempunctataH. convergens0.70690.0002
C. septempunctataC. trifasciata0.76650.0112
H. convergensC. septempunctata0.83440.0022
P. quatuordecimpunctataH. variegata0.71070.0088

Aphid consumptionAggression delivered towardsrP
C. maculataC. trifasciata0.79940.0063
H. convergensH. axyridis0.73270.0029

Aphid consumptionAggression received fromrP
C. septempunctataP. quatuordecimpunctata−0.78120.0080

Prey discovery timeAggression delivered towardsrP
C. maculataC. septempunctata0.9225<0.0001

Prey discovery timeAggression received fromrP
C. maculataC. septempunctata0.85110.0017
H. convergensC. maculata0.83700.0002
C. septempunctataP. quatuordecimpunctata0.83920.0028

Aggression delivered byor Aggression received byr P
C. trifasciata C. trifasciata 0.70030.0004

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