Table 2: Effect of the combination of planting date and insecticide application on yield and yield components of haricot bean in 2012 and 2013 main cropping season.

Planting dateSeed dressingNumber of pods per plant1Number of seeds per pod1Seed yield (Kg/ha) 1

Normal plantingApron star8.13± 2.334.48 ± 0.77669.3± 60.36
No Apron star5.02± 1.382.83 ± 0.27209.6± 53.85
Late plantingApron star12.0± 1.065.61 ± 0.391223.7± 100.52
No Apron star9.0± 1.195.01± 0.45802.4± 73.05

CV (%)23.8515.0327.27
LSD (5%)2.741.14130.48

Percentage of disease incidence (mean of three replications); NPDS, number of plants showing disease symptom; NDPL, number of dead plants; 10 days after normal planting; means followed by the same letter (s) within a column are not significantly different (P=0.05).