Table 2: Results of the regression analyses with prosocial behavior as the dependent variable.

Teacher dataParent data
Model 1Model 2Model 1Model 2
βSEt βSEt βSEt βSEt

Grade 2−.07*.022−3.07−.07*.022−3.02−.09*.029−2.97−.08*.029−2.94
ppr × ADHD.03*.0064.95n.s.
ppr × ODD.05*.0068.13.04*.0084.23
ODD × sexn.s.−.07*.024−2.93

Note: all continuous variables were standardized prior to the regression analyses. ADHD: attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder; ODD: oppositional defiant disorder; ppr: peer problems. ADHD and ODD scores were measured with the corresponding subscales from the Swanson Noland and Pelham rating scale version IV. Prosocial behavior (dependent variable) and ppr were measured with the corresponding subscales from the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire.
*Statistically significant at α = 0.05, -values are not reported because testing whether the intercept is different from 0 is irrelevant in our study, = boy, 0 = girl.