Research Article

Attitude towards Mental Illness among Secondary School Students in Asmara, Eritrea: A Cross-Sectional Study

Table 3

Percentage of positive and negative attitude for the BMI scale items.

Item Positive Attitude n ()Negative Attitude n ()

1. It may be a good idea to stay away from people who have psychological disorder because their behavior is dangerous226 (57)176 (43)
2. A mentally ill person is more likely to harm others than a normal person98 (24)304 (76)
3. Mental disorders would require a much longer period of time to be cured than would other general diseases70 (17)332 (83)
4. I would not trust the work of a mentally ill person assigned to my work team306 (76)96 (24)
5. The term “psychological disorder” makes me feel embarrassed239 (59)163 (41)
6. A person with psychological disorder should have a job with only minor responsibilities140 (35)262 (65)
7. Mentally ill people are more likely to be criminals168 (42)234 (58)
8. Psychological disorder is recurrent112 (28)290 (72)
9. I am afraid of what my boss, friends, and others would think if I were diagnosed as having a psychological disorder204 (51)198 (49)
10. Individuals diagnosed as mentally ill suffer from its symptoms throughout their life161 (40)241 (60)
11. People who have once received psychological treatment are likely to need further treatment in the future76 (19)326 (81)
12. It might be difficult for mentally ill people to follow social rules such as being punctual or keeping promises74 (18)328 (82)
13. I would be embarrassed if people knew that I dated a person who once received psychological treatment315 (78)87 (22)
14. I am afraid of people who are suffering from psychological disorder because they may harm me182 (45)220 (55)
15. A person with psychological disorder is less likely to function well as a parent157 (39)245 (61)
16. I would be embarrassed if a person in my family became mentally ill332 (83)70 (17)
17. I believe that psychological disorder can never be completely cured266 (66)135 (34)
18. Mentally ill people are unlikely to be able to live by themselves because they are unable to assume responsibilities144 (36)257 (64)
19. Most people would not knowingly be friends with a mentally ill person134 (33)268 (67)
20. The behavior of people who have psychological disorders is unpredictable96 (24)306 (76)
21. Psychological disorder is unlikely to be cured regardless of treatment263 (65)139 (35)