Table 3: Statistical inference on the interaction effect between time and treatment. The analyses are based on the data for the first four time points. That is, intervention group completed the study, and wait-list group completed the control period time of the study.

Measures -statistic valuePartial

Primary outcome
 Depressive symptom score9.51<0.00010.101
Secondary outcomes
 (i) Coping and problem-solving
  (a) Active coping1.160.32460.017
  (b) Substance use3.110.02750.046
  (c) Emotional support4.370.00520.056
  (d) Instrumental support1.820.14440.025
  (e) Positive reframing5.000.00230.060
  (f) Self-blame6.280.00040.065
 (ii) Health behavior
  (a) Spirituality13.60<0.00010.155
  (b) Interpersonal relation6.840.00020.086
  (c) Stress management3.110.02750.036
 (iii) Loneliness9.44<0.00010.11
 (iv) Rosenberg self esteem1.910.12920.0248
 (v) Body image and sexual self-esteem3.700.01270.042
 (i) Physical dependency2.440.06550.034
 (ii) Substance abuse0.390.76100.006
 (iii) Pain and fatigue2.750.04360.040