Table 1: Participant descriptive information.

MeanStandard Deviation

Age (years)55.8213.57

Symptom Duration (months)43.6845.79

West Haven Yale Multidimensional Pain Inventory (max scores – 6)

 Pain Severity3.091.17

 Pain Interference3.111.38

 Life Control3.881.24

 Affective Distress2.791.27

 General Activities2.690.95

Disability of Arm, Shoulder and Hand (DASH)42.9817.62

Pressure Pain Thresholds (kg)

 Right (affected) Hand6.933.83

 Left (unaffected) Hand8.424.89

Two Point Discrimination (mm)

 Right (affected) Hand10.922.89

 Left (unaffected) Hand10.162.72

Joint Position Sense (errors)3.821.51

Purdue Pegboard Scores

 Right (affected) Hand12.443.48

 Left (unaffected) Hand13.202.29

 Both Hands10.433.30



Grip Strength (kg)

 Right (affected) Hand23.6013.35

 Left (unaffected) Hand30.6514.20

Stroop Time (seconds)37.257.99

Motor Imagery Questionnaire (maximum score - 98)67.3423.94