Table 1: Comparisons of time-to-peak (TTP), arrival time (the first time point above the mean time response), FWHM, and peak high after gamma fitting in 8 subjects as determined by manual ROI (Manu-roi) and ICA in artery (ICA-aw) and surrounding tissue (ICA-sw). Below the table, there is statistic comparison with paired -test for manual and weighted-ICA ROI. Significant difference between Manu-roi and ICA-aw ROI is found in TTP, onset time, and peak high and that between Manu-roi and ICA-sw ROI is found in TTP, onset time, FWHM, and peak. For ICA-aw and ICA-sw, there are significant differences in onset time, FWHM, and peak high.

TTP (sec)Onset time (sec)FWHM (sec)Peak high (#/mL)

#1 (36 y, m)26.7025.8926.0721.1219.6421.897.6507.3055.775546.61423324.4
#2 (33 y, m)29.3627.6627.9820.9420.5521.689.6158.2957.365528.41020456.5
#3 (32 y, m)28.2027.2027.2721.0920.0122.679.4509.3757.005421.61077337.3
#4 (46 y, m)26.5827.8127.5021.4220.9722.376.4957.8306.885401.4960.2305.9
#5 (35 y, f)24.7424.1824.0318.6818.6019.089.0608.6556.090427.8792.2508.3
#6 (35 y, f)22.6922.1621.7118.2417.4817.676.9607.5155.865438.0671.2463.1
#7 (38 y, f)30.5029.4129.5822.8522.8825.7312.539.2404.920422.3903.7309.9
#8 (29 y, f)27.2526.4226.3720.1519.0022.3711.129.8554.380361.21033411.1

Mean 27.0026.3426.3120.5619.8921.689.1108.5096.036443.4985.0389.6


Significantly (, paired -test) higher than Manu-roi.
Significantly (, paired -test) higher than ICA-aw.
Standard deviation.