Research Article

GADD45 𝛽 Determines Chemoresistance and Invasive Growth of Side Population Cells of Human Embryonic Carcinoma

Figure 6

Functional roles of ABCG2 and GADD45β in NEC8 SP and non-SP cells. (a and b) Quantitative gene expression analysis of ABCG2 and GADD45β after treatment with siRNA in NEC8 SP cells (a) and non-SP cells (b). The white bar represents treatment with nonsilencing control siRNA (NSC) and the black bar represents ABCG2 siRNA and GADD45β siRNA. (c and d) Effect of treatment with siRNA for ABCG2 and GADD45β on cell viability. The white bar represents the untreated control, the gray bar represents treatment with NSC, and the black bar represents treatment with siRNA. The values are shown as the percent of the untreated control. *P<.001 versus NSC.