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Effect of Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Endotoxin-Induced Oxidation of Plasma Cysteine and Glutathione in Mice

Figure 1

Characterization of BMDMSC by flow cytometry and differentiation capacity. Flow cytometry of BMDMSC demonstrated that cells did not express the hematopoietic markers, CD11b and CD45 ((a)-(b); blue; BMDMSC; grey; isotype control, red; alveolar macrophages). BMDMSC stained positive for Sca-1 ((c); blue; BMDMSC; grey; isotype control). In (d)–(f), cells were examined for differentiation capacity. Fat droplets in cell preparations incubated in adipogenic medium for 14 days were stained with Oil Red O (d). Cells incubated with osteogenic medium for 21 days were stained Alizarin red to detect Calcium (e). Cartilage pellets were stained with Alcian blue to detect mucopolysachharides, after 14 days in chondrogenic medium (f).