Clinical Study

Bilateral Transplantation of Allogenic Adult Human Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells into the Subventricular Zone of Parkinson’s Disease: A Pilot Clinical Study

Table 1

Shows the details of the PD patients and PD plus patients recruited for the study. It also provides the subjective improvements reported by the patient/caregivers after stem cell transplantation. It is to be noted that all patients have mentioned improvement in similar aspects of PD including reduction in tremors, stiffness of limbs and clearing of speech. However, for PD, plus there are no improvements noted.

Sr. no.Age/
Duration of disease (years)-PD/PD+Date of SCTType of stem cells injectedDose administeredROAAutologous/
No. of injectionsUPDRS score baseline off/on12th month off/onComments by caregivers/patient

168/M15-PDFeb-10BMMSCs2 millionICAllogenic1154/127128/127NA

237/M5-PDMar-10BMMSCs2 millionICAllogenic179/4752/50(1) Following stem cell injection his rigidity had reduced and speech had improved

365/M5-PDMar-10BMMSCs2 millionICAllogenic194/5828/22(1) Able to do his routine activities without much difficulty
(2) Stiffness and tremors are very minimal
(3) Able to walk for longer distances

449/M10-PDDec-10BMMSCs2 millionICAllogenic1112/98Lost to follow up(1) Patient is more independent in his daily activities
(2) Speech is clearer
(3) Rigidity and stiffness has reduced

554/F10-PDFeb-11BMMSCs4 millionICAllogenic1105/7290/68After therapy the patient and relatives have noticed that there was a decrease in involuntary movements

648/M11-PDFeb-11BMMSCs2 millionIC + IVAllogenic143/3240/28NA

756/M5-PDMar-11BMMSCs2 millionICAllogenic1NANANA

860/M5-PDFeb-11BMMSCs2 millionAllogenic144/3819/12(1) After therapy, he has notice d that the tremors have reduced
(2) Walking difficulty has also reduced and
(3) He is able to write better now

965/F10-PD +Mar-10BMMSCs3 millionICAllogenic144/20NA(1) Speed of walking has increased
(2) Slurred speech has improved
(3) Swallowing is better
(4) Slight Improvement in handwriting

1066/M7-PD+Jul-10BMMSCs2 millionICAllogenic162/62NAAccording to the family, the symptoms have worsened since a few months

1169/M3-PD+Jan-11BMMSCs2 millionIC + IVAllogenic1NANA(1) 6 months after therapy, the patient and his relatives have noticed improvement in his rigidity and movements
(2) There is also improvement in his speech

1269/F7-PD+4-Nov-10BMMSCs2 millionICAllogenic1150/153140/133(1) At present her involuntary movements have reduced
(2) She has difficulty in swallowing and stiffness in her neck has increased