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Research Article

Optimal Labeling Dose, Labeling Time, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Detection Limits of Ultrasmall Superparamagnetic Iron-Oxide Nanoparticle Labeled Mesenchymal Stromal Cells

Table 3

MRI intensity differences after 21-hour USPIO incubation.

USPIO dose cells cells cells


Multiple comparisons

Full versus unlabeled
Full versus half nsns
Half versus unlabelednsnsns

The MRI intensities are mean pixel intensities (values between 0 and 4095) of a 20 mm2 region of interest in the center area of each phantom, supplied by the imaging software. Values are shown ± SD.
USPIO: ultrasmall super-paramagnetic iron-oxide. USPIO dose—full = 10  g per 105 cells. half = 5  g per 105 cells, ns: non-significant.