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Improved Method for Ex Ovo-Cultivation of Developing Chicken Embryos for Human Stem Cell Xenografts

Figure 3

Statistical analysis of ex ovo-cultivated chicken embryos. (a) Comparison of size of in ovo- and ex ovo-cultivated chicken embryos on days E10, E13, and E15. No significant differences in size were detectable between shell-less and traditionally cultivated embryos. Error bar indicates standard error of the mean (SEM), . (b) In ovo- and ex ovo- cultivated chicken embryos were investigated regarding their size on days E10, E13, and E15 of incubation. Shell-less cultivated embryos revealed slightly decreased weight at E15 of incubation. Error bar indicates SEM, . (c) Survival rate of ex ovo-cultivated chicken embryos over time. After 48 hours of traditional incubation, egg contents were transferred into a shell-less containment and incubated for at least 13 days in vitro. Starting with easily visible embryos at E4 (4 independent cohorts, 11 embryos each), survival rate was determined for ex ovo-cultivated chicken embryos up to E16, by visual inspection of vital signs (heartbeat and movement) each day. Dead embryos were removed from the incubator. At E16 one living embryo was observed.