Figure 4: Effects of MEK inhibitors on gene expression in B7 and H12 clones. (a) Growth curve of B7 and H12 in serum-present medium treated with U0126 and PD98059, respectively. U0126 were treated with 3 μM (red), 10 μM (light blue), and 30 μM (purple), and PD98059 were treated with 30 μM (red), 60 μM (light blue), and 90 μM (purple) for the indicated time. Black indicted no treatment with MEK inhibitors. (b) and (c) mRNA expression and quantitative analysis of SPC, AQP5, TTF-1, and SPB by RT-PCR in B7 (b) and in H12 (c). Each data was independently obtained twice. (Upper panel) representative RT-PCR results. N: negative control, P: positive control. (Lower panel) quantitative analyses of gene expression. Black: cultured with serum, red: cultured without serum, green: PD98059 90 μM, light blue: U0126 10 μM, and purple: U0126 30 μM.