Figure 1: MSCs cultured in PPRF-msc6 with Cohn-fractionated albumin containing media (a) or DMEM 10% FCS (c) were analyzed for markers using flow cytometry. Cells grown in either medium were positive for CD44, 73, 90, 105, and 166 and negative for CD34, 11b, 19, 45, and HLA-DR. MSCs could differentiate into both osteoblasts and adipocytes when grown in either PPRF-msc6 with Cohn-fractionated albumin (b) or DMEM 10% FCS (d). Osteogenic calcium containing matrix laid down is stained with alizarin red (ii) while control (i) is negative. Lipid droplets in the adipocytes are stained with oil red-O and nuclei with Hoechst-33342 (iv) and are absent in the control (iii). Bar is equal to 100 μm.