Research Article

Modifications of Human Subcutaneous ADMSC after PPARγ Activation and Cold Exposition

Figure 1

Effect of cold on triglyceride levels in differentiated human adipocytes. (a) ADMSCs were obtained from human subcutaneous adipocytes differentiated and induced for 10 days with 1 μM of full agonist (Rosiglitazone) and 50 μM partial agonist (Telmisartan). Cells were maintained at 37°C or exposed to 31°C for 4 hours and after, staining was performed with Oil Red O. (b) Quantification of triglyceride levels is expressed as relative values. Statistical analysis was performed using ANOVA test. Data are expressed as mean ± SD of 3 independent experiments performed in triplicate. Differences were considered statistically significant at . Rosi (Rosiglitazone), Telmi (Telmisartan). Differences between triglyceride levels of treatments with PPAR agonist in relation to control (induction of differentiation with basal medium). # indicates differences found between treatments.