(a) UN-D
(b) AD
(c) OS
(d) CH
(e) WS
Figure 7: Correlation between NF3 and NFopt by using Pearson’s correlation. Pearson’s correlation was applied between the three most stable reference genes at the lowest M value and optimal number of reference genes in the lowest pairwise variation V by geNorm software. The value about r > 0.9 () indicates high correlation between two groups. Pearson’s correlation for (a) undifferentiated status of BMSCs, AMSCs, and SMSCs and (b–d) differentiated cells into adipocytes, osteocytes, and chondrocytes, respectively. (e) Whole status of MSCs. UN-D: undifferentiated MSCs, AD: adipo differentiated, OS: osteo differentiated, CH: chondro differentiated, and WS: whole status.