Figure 3: Nonirradiated BM-EPCs treated with 56Fe-IR conditioned media exhibit increased number of p-H2AX foci/cell in vitro. (a) Representative confocal images of p-H2AX 24 h after treatment of Non-IR BM-EPCs with 56Fe-IR-CM medium collected from duplicate set of respective EPCs 2, 5, and 24 h after 15 cGy 56Fe-IR. (b) Mean p-H2AX foci distribution (with ≥2 p-H2AX foci/cell) in BM-EPCs treated with Non-IR- and 56Fe-IR conditioned media (CM). Foci distribution plot for % of Non-IR BM-EPCs with a given number () of foci after treatment for 24 h with CM from 15 cGy 56Fe-IR BM-EPCs at 2 h (red bars and dotted lines), 5 h (blue bars and dashed lines), and 24 h (green bars and dashed/dotted lines) compared to Non-IR controls (black bars and solid lines). Due to no difference in the number of p-H2AX foci/cell between Non-IR and 56Fe-IR treatment groups, graph represents distribution of p-H2AX foci/cell after excluding the cells with zero and 1 foci/cell. (c) Mean p-H2AX foci/cell plotted for control, 2 h, 5 h, and 24 h treatment time point after treatment of BM-EPCs with 56Fe-IR CM. Graphs represent mean ± SEM of the pooled data from 5 to 6 independent biological samples/experiments. Statistical significance was assigned when .