Research Article

Rho/MRTF-A-Induced Integrin Expression Regulates Angiogenesis in Differentiated Multipotent Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Figure 1

VEGF induces angiogenesis and high integrin expression in differentiated MSCs. (a) DiI-Ac-LDL uptake assay in differentiated MSCs. Parallel experiments in HUVECs served as a positive control. (b) Percentages of MSCs that incorporated DiI-Ac-LDL were calculated, and the data were expressed as percentages compared with the overall cell count. , . (c) MSCs seeded onto a basement membrane-like gel were treated with VEGF for 4, 7, and 14 days. VEGF-free MSCs were seeded onto a basement membrane-like gel for 7 days (Control group). (d) Capillary-like structures were quantified by measuring the polygonal network. (e) After MSCs were cultured in EC differentiation medium for 7 d, integrins α1, α5, and β1 were examined by qPCR. ; , . (f) Western blotting assay for integrins α1, α5, and β1. (g) The relative quantification of the protein expression was statistically analyzed using Image J software. ; , .