Research Article

Rho/MRTF-A-Induced Integrin Expression Regulates Angiogenesis in Differentiated Multipotent Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Figure 4

VEGF induces angiogenesis and high integrin expression in differentiated MSCs via the Rho signaling pathway. (a) MSCs were cultured with EC differentiation medium in the presence or absence of the Rho inhibitor C3 transferase or the Rho-associated protein kinase (ROCK) inhibitor Y27632 for 4 d and then MTT assay was performed to test cellular viability. (b) MSCs were pretreated with either the C3 or Y27632 in the present of VEGF for 4 d and then continuously cultured in EC differentiated medium for 3 d. Matrigel angiogenesis assays were then performed. (c) Capillary-like structures were quantified by measuring the polygonal network. (d) The expression of integrins α1, α5 and β1 during endothelial differentiation of MSCs was estimated by real-time PCR. , . (e) Western blotting assay for integrins α1, α5 and β1. (f) The relative quantification of the protein expression. , .