Research Article

Human Adipose Derived Stem Cells Induced Cell Apoptosis and S Phase Arrest in Bladder Tumor

Figure 1

Characterization of ADSCs. ADSCs exhibited a flattened fibroblast-like morphology. Observed under a microscope of 40x (a) and 100x (b). Immunophenotype of ADSCs (c). ADSCs were stained with antibodies against the indicated antigens and analyzed by flow cytometry. Representative histograms are shown as colored lines, and the respective isotype controls are shown as a gray line. ADSCs were positive for CD44, CD73, CD90, and CD105 and negative for CD34 and CD45. ADSCs are able to differentiate into adipogenic and osteogenic lineages, as shown by staining with Oil Red O and Von Kossa, respectively (d). Undifferentiated (control) ADSCs are not marked with the stains. Scale bars, 100 μm ((a), (d)) and 50 μm (b).