Research Article

Extracellular Recordings of Patterned Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes on Aligned Fibers

Figure 6

Propagation of the field potential of IMR hiPS-cardiomyocytes. (a) Electrode arrangement for recording and stimulation. The AF orientation is marked by arrow. (b, c) Time course of the field potential along (b) and perpendicular (c) to the fiber direction. The scale bar = 0.2 s. The black arrows mark the starting point of stimulation. (d) Conduction velocity of the stimulated contraction in different directions (means ± s.e., , ). (e) Electrode arrangement for activation map analysis. (f) Activation maps showing the propagation of stimulated contraction at day 14. The color bar from red to blue is linearly divided from 0 ms to 16 ms. The arrow marks the AF orientation. The encircled line marks the shape of the isochrones of the propagation.