Figure 5: Effect of XPC on the multilineage differentiation capability of DPCs after transfection. After 21 d of multilineage differentiation induction, immunofluorescent staining indicated that DSPP (a1), LPL (a2), and collagen type II (a3) were extensively expressed in DPCs at P7 with XPC overexpression, strongly expressed in the nucleus and moderately expressed in the cytoplasm of DPCs. However, DSPP (a4), LPL (a5), and collagen type II (a6) revealed weak expression in the nucleus and cytoplasm of DPCs at P7 without transfection. Real-time PCR indicated that mRNA expression level of odontogenic markers (DMP1, DSPP), adipogenic markers (PPARγ2, LPL), and chondrogenic markers (collagen type II) increased significantly in DPCs at P3 and P7 with XPC overexpression compared with vector groups (b1–b5).