Research Article

Monitoring the Bystander Killing Effect of Human Multipotent Stem Cells for Treatment of Malignant Brain Tumors

Figure 4

In vitro and in vivo validation of hU87 transduction with a mCherry-rLuc encoding vector. (a) In vitro analysis of mCherry-rLuc expressing hU87 cells showing sufficient expression of rLuc for in vitro detection by BLI using coelenterazine-h as a substrate. Furthermore, results show no statistically significant signal intensity differences after exposure of the rLuc positive hU87 cells to D-luciferin. (b) MRI-based tumor volume measurements from hU87 tumor bearing animals showed rapid growth with tumors reaching an average tumor size of  mm3 at day 21 after injection. (c) BLI measurements on mCherry-rLuc positive hU87 tumor bearing mice also indicated tumor growth over time. Levels of significance are expressed as , , , and .