Research Article

Formation of Tumorspheres with Increased Stemness without External Mitogens in a Lung Cancer Model

Figure 3

Chemosensitivity of lung tumorspheres compared to the parental H460 cell line. (a) Representative images of lung tumorspheres treated with DMSO (control), Paclitaxel (PX), or Digitoxin (DIG). In these images, the dark appearance of the tumorspheres is because pictures have been taken after incubation with MTT solution to show that the cells are metabolically active and able to reduce the MTT. Bars are 1000 μm (4x). (b) Quantification of the effects of different anticancer agents on parental H460 cells (black columns) and LTSs (white columns). In all cases, H460 parental cells and lung tumorspheres were incubated with the indicated concentration of drugs for 72 h. Cell viability was assessed by the MTT assay for H460 parental cells and by the CCK assay for lung tumorspheres. Data (mean ± ES) are representative of three independent experiments performed in sextuplicate. compared to control value. compared between parental and spheres.