Research Article

Comparison of the Treatment Efficiency of Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transplantation via Tail and Portal Veins in CCl4-Induced Mouse Liver Fibrosis

Figure 1

Characterization of BM-MSCs. (a) BM-MSC candidates expanded and had a fibroblastic morphology after 24 hours of primary culture. (b) MSCs reached confluency in secondary culture. (c) Differentiation of MSCs into adipogenic cells at day 30 of induction. Cells were positive for Oil red O staining. (d) MSCs were successfully differentiated into osteoblasts and were positive with alizarin red. (e) Flow cytometric analysis of passage 3 cells showed positivity for CD44, Sca-1 (Ly 6AE), and Thy 1 (CD90) and negativity for CD34, CD45, and c-Kit (CD117).