Research Article

Dynamic Proteomic Analysis of Pancreatic Mesenchyme Reveals Novel Factors That Enhance Human Embryonic Stem Cell to Pancreatic Cell Differentiation

Figure 2

Expression pattern analysis of mesenchymal proteome and absolute quantification of candidate protein Laminin α-2. ((a) and (b)) Identified proteins were visualized as heat maps with high and low expression visualized in green or red, respectively. Expression values were normalized to scores by subtracting raw means and dividing by standard deviations. (a) All proteins with at least 5 peptide spectrum matches are visualized. (b) Proteins were further broken down by GO terms: membrane, WNT pathway, extracellular matrix (ECM), secretion, and adhesion. Two factors, Galectin-1 (LGALS1, blue arrowheads) and Neuroplastin (NPTN, yellow arrowhead), were chosen for further analysis. (c) Absolute quantification of Laminin α-2 chain (LAMA2) in p2 samples by selected reaction monitoring (SRM) revealed a concentration of 0.47 fmol/μL in comparison to 0.30 fmol/μL in control fibroblast samples.