Table 1: Effect of stress over neurogenesis mediated by astrocytes.

Type of stressType of studyCellular effectMolecular mechanismReferences

Acute and chronic induced by dexamethasoneIn vivoGrowth inhibition of astrocytesAfter inducing cell cycle exit by reduction of cyclin D1 and increase of p27[128]
In vitroInhibition of NSPC proliferation (cultured with CM of stressed astrocytes)By altered expression of neurotrophic factors (BDNF, NGF) and mitogenic factors (BFGF, VEGF) and death-inducing factors (FasL, Trail, Tweak, and TNFα)
Acute induced by dexamethasone or corticosteroneIn vitroInhibition of astrocytes proliferationBy inducing reduction of GR expression[129]
Chronic induced by administration of ACTHIn vivoInhibition of astrocytes proliferationBy inducing reduction of GR expression
Acute and chronicIn vivoRegulation of mRNAs in a cell type-dependent fashionBy glucocorticoids receptors[130]
AcuteIn vivoIncrease hippocampus cellular proliferationIncrease of astrocytes FGF2 expression[131]