Table 4: miRNA associated with neurogenesis modified after different stimulus.

miRNAExpression levelCellular processMolecular targetReference

miR-181aUpregulated by morphinePromote astrocyte-preferential differentiation of NSPCsProx1/Notch2[159]
miR-23bUpregulated by morphineAdult neurogenesisMorphine receptor expression (MOR1)[160]
miR-190Downregulated by fentanylAdult neurogenesisNeuroD[161]
miR-143Upregulation by IGF-1Promotes proliferation, neural differentiation, and cell survivalPDGFRA, PRKCE, MAPK7, DSSP, DMP-1, KRAS, and BCL-2[162]
miR-181cUpregulation by IGF1/LIFEnhanced self-renewal of NSPCsPTPN11, PTPN22, PTEN, Dusp6, PBX3, ZEB2, and IRF8[162]