Figure 5: βarr-1 controls NSCs proliferation via p27 expression. (a) p27 mRNA expression levels evaluated by qRT-PCR in NSCs grown under stemness conditions (SM) and after differentiation (DFM) for 48 hours. Data are means ± SD from 3 independent experiments. (DFM versus SM). (b) Western blot showing subcellular localization of endogenous βarr-1 and p27 in NSC cultured in SM or DFM for 48 hours. βarr-1 and p27 proteins levels were assessed in cytosolic (Cyto) and nuclear (Nuc) fractions. Gapdh and Sp1 protein levels were used as loading controls and markers for purity of Cyto and Nuc fractions, respectively. Representative Western blot images from 3 independent experiments.