Figure 6: ESC/OP9 coculture in the presence of SCF and EPO for erythroid differentiation. The erythroid differentiation of Fubp1 KO ESCs was significantly reduced compared to NTC control ESCs, while the amount of CD71/Ter119 ESCs that were not differentiated into the erythroid lineage was increased in the Fubp1 KO clones (70% KO versus 59% NTC). Maturation of erythroid cells started with the expression of CD71 (CD71+/Ter119 cells) in the proerythroblasts. CD71high/Ter119 cells: late erythroblasts; CD71+/Ter119+ cells: reticulocytes; CD71/Ter119+: mature red blood cells. Three independent experiments were performed, each with 3 NTC and 6 Fubp1 knockout ESC clones. The data represent the mean values ± SD ( ; ).