Figure 4: hASC viability after encapsulation in alginate and Si-HPMC. The average number of encapsulated hASC per alginate and Si-HPMC particles was evaluated from 24 h to 1 month. (a) Average number of cells per particle. Alginate particles were dissolved in sodium citrate solution, and Si-HPMC particles were disrupted by ultrasonication. A DNA quantification by PicoGreen has allowed us to estimate the cell number. (b) Cell viability. Using a Live/Dead Viability/Cytotoxicity kit, cells encapsulated in alginate and Si-HPMC particle were assessed from 24 h to 1 month of culture. Viable cells were imaged using a confocal microscope, and viability was calculated with Volocity software. Scale bars = 100 μm. .