Figure 9: Expression pattern of miRNAs, identified in all examined samples by LC chicken miRNA microarray analysis. The microarray analysis was performed on 4 PGC lines (2 female (FS111 and 5ZP) and 2 male (FS101 and 4ZP)). (a) The expression values of miRNAs, expressing in all PGC samples, were visualized in a heat map (using GenEx software, complete linkage and Spearman correlation analysis were performed). Simultaneously, cluster analysis was performed. According to the analysis, the male cells were more related to each other. The 5ZP PGC line was the most different from the others. (b), (c) Using GenEx software, we performed a scatterplot analysis to identify the upregulated miRNAs. (b) represents the group of upregulated miRNAs in the 5ZP PGC line. These miRNAs compose cluster 1, while (c) shows the upregulated miRNAs in the highly proliferating PGC lines. These miRNAs formed cluster 2. The results of the clustering analysis highlighted a portion of miRNAs in cluster 2 which belong to the miRNA-302 cluster.