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N-Cadherin Upregulation Promotes the Neurogenic Differentiation of Menstrual Blood-Derived Endometrial Stem Cells

Figure 1

Isolation and identification of MenSCs. Phase contrast images showing the morphology of primary MenSCs at different passages: (a) P0, (b) P3, and (c) P9. (d) The phenotype of MenSCs. To determine the immunophenotype of the cells, P3 MenSCs were stained with the indicated conjugated antibodies and analyzed via FACS. The P3 MenSCs were positive for classical ASC markers (CD29, CD44, CD73, CD90, and CD105) and HLA-ABC and negative for hematopoietic stem cell markers (CD34 and CD45) and HLA-DR. (e) Adipogenic, (f) osteogenic, and (g) chondrogenic differentiation was conventionally induced, and the results were assessed with positive Oil red O, Alizarin red, and Alcian blue staining, respectively.