Figure 3: Immunoelectron microscopy results (a–e). P0+-positive reaction concentric myelin layers around the central projection in transverse (a-b) and longitudinal sections of myelin fibers (c). The SCs detected in the experimental groups contained a single myelin fiber which also had a specific precipitate (d-e). Scale bar: 1 μm (a, c–e), 500 nm (b). (f) Western blotting of proteins p75 and P0 in the area of injury in the experimental groups (1: SCI only, 2: hUCB-MCs-Ad5-EGFP, 3: hUCB-MCs + Ad5-VEGF + Ad5-GDNF). Staining with Abs against p75 and P0 detected specific bands at 75 kDa and 28 kDa in tissue samples. β-Actin was used as a loading control. Densitometry analysis demonstrated a significant change in p75 and P0 levels relative to the β-actin expression after SCI. Differences were statistically significant between the SCI only and other experimental groups (). Differences in p75 level were also statistically significant between groups with injection of hUCB-MCs (). One-way ANOVA.