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Research Article

Vitamin D Promotes MSC Osteogenic Differentiation Stimulating Cell Adhesion and αVβ3 Expression

Figure 1

Vit D induces a clustered localization of αVβ3. Midsection confocal microscopy images show the expression of integrin αVβ3 (green) in DBSCs differentiated for 3 and 7 days; (a-b) show that at 3 days, the integrin was distributed in multiple sites in the cells. After 7 days of differentiation, αVβ3 is localized on the periphery of the cell where the focal adhesion sites are present (c-d). Vit D treatment seemed to produce a different integrin organization leading to the formation of typical strings particularly evident after 7 days of culture. Blue for nuclei, green for αVβ3. The table shows the FA quantification performed with ImageJ software. The data is presented as average ± standard error. Number of FAs per cell = total number of FAs identified in one cell. Area of FA = area of a single FA.