Table 8: Yield rate of UCB-MSC isolation from human and equine fulfilling special criteria.

Source of UCBParametersYield rate (%)Reference

HumanExplant method40[69]
HumanLarge BV with HPL medium46[20]
HumanLarge number of UCB units50[67]
HumanLarge BV with MesenCult Proliferation kit60[71]
Human, , ≥108 MNC count63[37]
HumanLarge number of UCB units with serum-free culture medium75[72]
HumanFactorial experiment with large BV≥90[66]
Human, 90.9[65]
Human weeks, , 90[70]
EquineBV 42 mLPEQ medium100[77]
FUD medium60
FD medium20
EquineLarge BV57[78]

HPL: human platelet lysate; MNC: mononucleated cell; ST: storage time; BV: blood volume; DP: duration of pregnancy; PEQ: PrepaCyte®-EQ medium; FUD: Ficoll-Paque™ PREMIUM medium loaded with undiluted whole blood, FD: Ficoll-Paque PREMIUM medium loaded with diluted whole blood.