Research Article

Angiogenic Properties of Menstrual Stem Cells Are Impaired in Women with a History of Preeclampsia

Figure 3

Reduced tube formation capacity on endothelial cells under MenSCs-PE conditioned media. (a) Representative images of tubule structure formation of HUVECs incubated with conditioned medium from MenSCs isolated from healthy women (control) and women with a previous history of preeclampsia (PE), cultured under decidualization conditions of the uterine-endometrial microenvironment. Black arrows represent nodes, and white arrows represent junctions. (b) Quantification of different tube formation parameters (junctions, nodes, meshes, and branches) from MenSCs from women with previous PE showed lower capacity of tube formation than that from MenSCs isolated from control women represented in a significant decrease in junctions and nodes. Results are (standard error of the mean). Statistical analysis was performed using Student’s -tests. significant.