Figure 2: 3D ADSCs interact with aNFC and are homogenously distributed. (a) ADSCs cultivated in a 0.2% aNFC hydrogel showed a MSC-typical, fibroblast-like morphology (arrows). Bar: 100 μm. (b) SEM imaging of ADSCs cultured () within 0.5% aNFC (#) revealed multiple cell-matrix anchor points (arrows). Bar: 5 μm. (c) Spinning disc, low-magnification imaging of PKH67 fluorescently stained ADSCs (green) embedded within calcofluor-stained aNFC (cyan) showed a homogenous distribution of cells throughout the whole cell culture well (arrows). Bar: 1500 μm. (d) Higher magnification spinning disc imaging demonstrating that the majority of ADSCs within the aNFC interact with the scaffold as single cells. Additionally, “nodule-like” cell aggregates were observed (arrows). Bar: 100 μm.