Research Article

Skeletal Muscle Resident Progenitor Cells Coexpress Mesenchymal and Myogenic Markers and Are Not Affected by Chronic Heart Failure-Induced Dysregulations

Figure 3

Comparative analysis of the functional properties of subpopulations of skeletal muscle progenitor cells derived from muscle tissue (SM-MPC) and from intermuscular fat (IMF-MSC). (a) The design of the experiment is as follows: SM-MPC and IMF-MSC were purified from muscle biopsy, expanded in vitro, characterized, and induced to differentiate. (b) IMF-MSC under appropriate stimulation undergo adipogenesis but do not respond to promyogenic stimulation. (c) Both CD56+ and CD56- fractions of SM-MPC demonstrate the ability to differentiate into myotubes but do not respond to adipogenic stimuli; scale bars represent 100 μm. (d) Fusion coefficient is calculated as a percent of nuclei incorporated in MF20+ myotubes, and it does not differ between the CD56+ and CD56- subpopulations.