Research Article

Designing Microfluidic Devices to Sort Haematopoietic Stem Cells Based on Their Mechanical Properties

Figure 7

Free-flowing and adherent HSCs, separated using Device C, in IR injured mouse small intestine. (a) Only at the point of infusion (30 mins postreperfusion) were significantly more inner outlet/deformable HSCs observed to pass through the IR injured gut mucosa compared to outer outlet/stiffer cells. (b) No significant difference in HSC adhesion was observed. (c) Intravital images of freely flowing and adherent CFSE-labelled inner outlet and outer outlet HSCs in the mucosal microcirculation. Velocity of some circulating cells was very high and resulted in them appearing as streaks (arrowheads). Although numbers look similar in static images, over a continuous recording period of 1 minute, more circulating cells would have been quantitated. In some images, the outline of mucosal villous capillaries can be seen (arrows). Results are presented as . . . .