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Stem Cell-Derived Nanovesicles: A Novel Cell-Free Therapy for Wound Healing

Table 1

Overview of research on the use of CDNs for wound healing.

Cell sourceWound typeFunctionReference

LPS-pretreated hUC-MSCsDiabetic cutaneous woundSuppress inflammation and promote healing of diabetic wounds[63]
H2O2-pretreated ADSCsSkin flap model: ligation of blood vessels and blood perfusionImprove the survival rate of animals with skin flaps; promote neovascularization and inhibit inflammation and cell apoptosis[70]
Salidroside-pretreated mouse MSCsDiabetic woundAccelerate reepithelialization and wound closure[71]
Pioglitazone-pretreated BMSCsDiabetic woundPromote angiogenesis and enhance wound repair[72]
Neonatal serum-pretreated BMSCsSkin wound healing modelPromote angiogenesis[73]
Melatonin-pretreated hBMSCsRat diabetic wound healing modelImmunosuppressive effects[38]
hUC-MSCsScratch assay and human skin permeationAccelerate collagen synthesis and cell migration[74]
hUC-MSCsRat burn injury modelEnhance wound closure and inhibit skin cell apoptosis[2]
hUC-MSCsSevere burnSuppress inflammation and promote neovascularization[75]
hUC-MSCsRat model of deep second-degree burn injuryAccelerate angiogenesis[76]
hiPSCsUV irradiation damage of human dermal fibroblastsAmeliorate aging of skin fibroblasts[77]
hiPSC-MSCsRat skin wound modelPromote collagen synthesis and enhance angiogenesis[50]
Menstrual blood-derived MSCsDiabetic foot ulcerSuppress inflammation and accelerate wound healing[78]
Human fibrocytesGenetically diabetic ulcersEnhance angiogenesis and augment keratinocyte proliferation and migration[46]
Platelet-rich plasmaRat diabetic wound modelPromote reepithelialization[79]
PlateletsIschemic wound healingRegulate collagen synthesis and restore dermal architecture[80]
Human dermal fibroblastsUVB-induced skin photoagingReduce skin photoaging and inflammation[81]
Human endothelial progenitor cellsRat diabetic wound modelRegulate endothelial function[82]
Human urine-derived stem cellsMouse diabetic wound modelPromote the angiogenic activities of endothelial cells[44]
Macrophage-derived ExosDiabetic wound modelPromote endothelial cell proliferation, angiogenesis, and reepithelialization[83]
Human amniotic epithelial cellsRat full-thickness skin wound modelStimulate fibroblast proliferation and migration; decrease scar formation[55]
Oral mucosal epithelial cellsRat full-thickness skin wound modelProregenerative effects[84]

Abbreviations: ADSC: adipose-derived MSC; BMSC: bone marrow-derived MSC; hiPSC: human-induced pluripotent stem cell; hUC-MSC: human umbilical cord-derived MSC; LPS: lipopolysaccharide.

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