Research Article

EZH2 Might Affect Macrophage Chemotaxis and Anti-Inflammatory Factors by Regulating CCL2 in Dental Pulp Inflammation

Figure 4

Chemotactic activity of EZH2 and CCL2-treated HDPCs on macrophages. (a) Transwell assay showing that CCL2 promotes macrophage migration. (b) Transwell assay showing macrophage migration in response to treatment with supernatants of EZH2-treated HDPCs. (c) Cell migration was induced by treatment with CCL2 plus EZH2. (d) Cell migration was suppressed by treatment with anti-CCL2 protein. (e) Cell migration of macrophages in response to HDPCs without any treatment, as control group. (f) Negative control group. (g) Positive control group. Scale bar: 50 μm ().