Table 2: Amount of HRP attached protein (see (5)) on untreated and PIII-treated UHMWPE and on copolymer of polyethylene and methancrylic acid (co-PE-MMA) before and after washing in detergents. The HRP protein attachment was done on PIII-treated sample in air, in nitrogen at low pressure (30 Torr), and high pressure (760 Torr). Carbonyl group relative concentration is measured by intensity ratio of 1691 cm−1 line and 1462 cm−1 line in FTIR ATR spectra. The average error bar for the protein amount is 0.0010.

Sample descriptionAmount of attached after incubationAmount after SDSAmount after TritonAmount after Tween 20C=O concentration before attachment

PIII, in air0.01980.01430.01420.01670.14
PIII, in N2, 30 Torr0.01820.01610.01060.0100~0
PIII, in N2, 760 Torr0.02550.01470.01860.0180~0
co-PE-MMA, pressed0.008600.00330.00240.46
co-PE-MMA, pressed and ethanol washed0.005700.00140.00290.53